Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea: A severe national disease.

Living with sleep apnea webpages

Sleep Apnea in TV series :
2000 - The Sopranos - Season 2 episode 11
Junior Soprano is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea after recent heart complications. Junior is provided CPAP by a technician and then he gets more support during a follow up appointment. It can be challenging to remember to use CPAP at first but family and friends can help.
2010 - Mike and Molly (Season 1 episode 8) - "Mike Snores" : CPAP

Comments on Sleep Education blog

​31.05.2016, Sleep Review magazine: OSA and cerebral palsy patients
02.06.2014 Philips Respironics:
Study finds SleepMapper app and web-based solution improves therapy adherence for sleep apnea patients                                                   
14.05.2013 Wall Street Journal: A Test for Sleep Apnea From Your Own Bedroom
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